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disposable nebulizer kit

disposable nebulizer kit:

disposable nebulizer kit is consisted of nebulization core, medicine cup, oxygen tube, mouthpiece or mask and elastic cord. compared to the traditional medication treatment against asthma and other respiratory diseases, disposable nebulizer kit atomize liquid medicine into small particles, the drug inhaled into respiratory tract through breathing and depositing in the lung, to humidify the airway and dilute the sputum, thus to achieve painless, rapid and effective treatment, it can be commonly used in a variety of respiratory diseases.

● material : made of medical pvc and pp, non-toxic;
● 2m length oxygen tube provide flexible movement;
● soft pvc mask, designed suitable for adult/child face, comfortable, good fit and no skin irritation;
● mouthpiece reduces the drug mist attached in the face, more relaxed atomization inhalation treatment ;
● suitable for all types of air compressing nebulizer, and oxygen supply system in the hospital center;
● the flow of medicine can be adjusted by rotating the adjustable cover of nebulize jar;
● new butterfly connector, beautiful shape, easy to insert and draw;
● single patients use, can avoid cross - infection.


ho-w01: hand type with mouthpiece
ho-w02: hand type with pediatric mask
ho-w03: hand type with adult mask
ho-w04: hand type with pediatric composite kit
ho-w05: hand type with adult composite kit
ho-w06: round cup type with pediatric mask
ho-w07: round cup type with adult mask