by the wind of "the belt and road", dedicating chinese quality and haiou wisdom to the world.
column:company news time:2018-06-16

on september 7, 2013, chinese president xi jinping first time proposed to build the
silk road economic belt during his visit to central asian countries. in october of the same year, he proposed the joint construction of the maritime silk roadof the 21st century. together, the two constitute the major initiative of the “the belt and road”. the purpose is to establish an open platform for international regional cooperation. the “the belt and road” construction is rooted in the historical soil of the silk road, with a focus on asia, europe, and africa and open to all friends.

among them, “the belt and road” has found a new platform for international capacity cooperation and supply-side structural reforms. by the east wind of “the belt and road”, we had the honor of participating in the 2017 china-africa capacity cooperation exhibition organized by the china council for the promotion of international trade, which was grandly opened at the kenyatta international conference center in nairobi, kenya. the company hopes to use the china-africa production capacity cooperation exhibition to further expand its cooperation with the countries along the belt and road,  and promoting safer, high quality products to the world, and dedicating haiou wisdom to improve the local medical health and sanitation.